oh no

by gary scaramella

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This isn't really an album; more of a compilation of every song that I've recorded but haven't released over the course of my adolescence. I'm uploading this as a kind of final act; I no longer plan to make music under my own name, nor in the same manner that I have over the past few years. Hopefully soon I'll be making more music in a way that I feel happy with - until then, this is what I have to offer.

Tracks 1-4 were composed during a brief period of time where I had access to GarageBand and a synthesizer.

Track 5 was written when I was being a pussy about college.

Track 6 is about my spooky gf.

Tracks 7-9 were written and recorded when I first started recording music back in early 2013.

Tracks 11-12 were composed to be a part of an ambient/drone/instrumental project that never came to be because I'm lazy.

Tracks 10 & 13 are covers.

Track 14 is a lament on my bank account.

Thanks to anyone who has ever downloaded or supported my music. I appreciate it endlessly!


released June 30, 2015

thanks to Thomas Hadley for his voice on track 2.

thanks to John Lundell for being so goddamn handsome.



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gary scaramella Connecticut

hey mom i'm on the internet

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Track Name: college song (demo)

I packed my bags
restrung my guitar
kissed my mother goodbye
and loaded the car
i hit the ground running
took the highway down south
to bury my past
in long island sound

but all I smell is the city
all I know is I’m lonely
all I do is regret that i
never did the things I wanted to

(melodramatic bullshit)
Track Name: spooky gf
we laid in my bed
and watched a movie
we went out
to jon stone's house
all the bands were playing loud
but i don't hear a sound
i'm too busy thinkin of your mouth
and all the things you talk about
and the way your lips look when you pout
so lift your mask up, spooky gf
because i want to kiss you right now
Track Name: killing my alarm clock

i think i'll stay in bed forever
i just don't see the point in getting up
today i slept in until 3 pm
i think it's the best thing i ever did
there's nothing left in the real world
it's cold, it snows
my friends are dead
i just don't see the point in getting up
i think i'll stay in bed forever
Track Name: everything is ending

i walk back and forth
between two rooms
and i never leave my home
i will die alone, i'm sure

i've read all the books
nothing seems to help
the walls are slowly turning red
satan's clung to me, i'm sure

my hair is turning white
and it rains outside
i know it's coming to an end
there's nothing left of me, i' m sure
Track Name: growing up

this morning i woke with a smile on my face
i'm gonna get it all right today, put shit in its place
i'm gonna make sure things go a-okay

but then i stepped out the door,
and it started to pour
it soaked through my clothing
to rot me right to the core
i gave up and fell to the floor

there are holes in most of my shoes
i feel like i'm growing up way too soon
my plans are always falling through
and the girl i love is fucking some other dude
so what the hell am i supposed to do?
Track Name: roadside memorial (elvis depressedly cover)
song by Mat Cothran
Track Name: oh no

i grew up on rock & roll
it was "the music for my soul"
but now i'm older and i pull
more towards folk

when i was eight, i told my dad
i want to be a working man
with a solid family plan
and a cat

oh, how thing have changed
except i still want a cat

now i keep busy how i can
drive out to see some local bands
but now i'm running out of gas again

so i've been looking for a job
cuz i can't live the way i want
and everything i do costs too much

so fuck this school
and fuck this state
and fuck everything else i hate
i'll destroy it all in some blind and stupid rage

don't worry mom, it's probably just a phase