something gray or green

by gary scaramella

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songs written and recorded from fall 2013 to spring 2014
the last of the dumb sad songs


released June 8, 2014



all rights reserved


gary scaramella Connecticut

hey mom i'm on the internet

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Track Name: sleeping in
i've been falling asleep sitting up
and having these terrible dreams
trapped in dead woods in the dark
and something is following me
on the weekends i sleep in past noon
there is nothing better to do
i hope i wake up sometime soon

i killed my alarm clock some time ago
now i'm haunted by its ghost
i open my eyes to the dark
and a figure that hovers above me
i wake up with an ache in my head
and a feeling of extreme discontent
i think today i'll just stay in bed

no no, today i'm not getting out of bed
Track Name: in november
tiny droplets of shame collect like rain on the frames of my glasses; i know some things will stay the same as time passes. but others will change in all the worst of ways. vanish with the fleeting light of autumn days. and in november, when the cold nights freeze my toes and i smell the leather of that dusty thrift store coat, i’ll watch the river rise and fall as new england weather breeds uncertainty in us all. winter winds remind me: i cannot forget that once truth i struggled so long to protect. a shadow pet that bites each night to remind me that i am never good enough.
Track Name: emo song #1
velvet dressed, i can hear your tiny breaths
pressed up against my narrow chest
tonight i'll be as close to you as
i have wanted to my whole life
and at first light i'll have to leave your side
let's not think about that tonight
let's not waste any more time
Track Name: poppy
when the spring turns green
i will plant your seeds
out in some field
and when you bloom
i will lay with you
and sleep til noon
when the sky is blue
if the sky turns gray
and it starts to rain
with you i'll stay
til the storm is away
and when you die
(you say that my body is like a heater)
i will not stop crying
(i wake up next to you on the floor of your living room)
what's the point of this life
(your house is bright, it's the middle of winter)
without you by my side
(i did not know you yet. stay in my head)
oh poppy, please
would you carry me
off to a simple sleep
i loved you in dreams