in the summer the forest SHOUTS

by gary scaramella

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'in the summer the forest SHOUTS' is a collection of songs written and recorded over the summer of 2013. all of these songs were recorded in my dim messy bedroom on a digital 8-track(with the exception of the first track, which was recorded on my cell phone out in a rainy field somewhere in durham). this EP was inspired by all of the lovely people i spent (or didn't spend) my summer with, the feelings i had, and everything that i saw. i hope you like it.

with love,
gary xoxo


released October 8, 2013

thanks to Lena DeJong for the beautiful album art
thanks to Thomas Hadley (Corporal Candy) for his voice on 'field recordings'
thanks to all of my friends and family



all rights reserved


gary scaramella Connecticut

hey mom i'm on the internet

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Track Name: stick and poke
stick and poke tattoos
new version of you
shave off half your head
wishing(i wish) you were dead
wear nothing but black
chain-smoke cigarettes
"everything must end"
fuck over your friends
Track Name: anna
i think i've heard you in my sleep
you're the voice that haunts my dreams
i think i've seen you in my head
when i'm too high to leave my bed

anna, you're so sweet
anna, you're so kind
anna, could you stay here
deep inside my mind

♪ aaahhh ♫
Track Name: new shoes
i feel it. can you feel it too?
walking in the woods in mid-june
with my sunglasses and brand new shoes
i've never felt so cool
Track Name: sew me up
i woke up this morning to a blaring alarm-clock radio
and after my thoughts cleared of their dream-gibberish
i noticed the way i was standing
and rubbing the sleep from my eyes;
the first thing i thought of when i woke up was you.
i want you to put band-aids on my chest
on the place where i hurt
and in the dim light of your room
tell me i am fine.
sew me up like one of your thrift store dresses
with shiny new buttons
and pretty green string.

when i was fifteen i got hit by a car
and cracked my head on the pavement
spilling pretty red blood on 66.
that same year the girl i thought i loved told me i was useless
and i can’t tell which left the bigger scar.
the summer before, my mom forgot how to sleep
and my sister took it to heart.
i learned that people break easier than you’d think
and the things that seem solid usually aren’t.

ever since i was young i’ve been infatuated with empty spaces
the ones that are gray and cold and far from anyone.
it’s only in these dirty, despondent places
that i can feel completely pure.
but it’s different with you;
you are warm.
i want to be one of the trees you climb
tall and stable and green in june
rip off my bark and place your hands on my wounds
carve your initials into my side
so that one day strangers can wonder who you were.
a day will come when i will die and before my trunk rots
i hope you’ll cut me down, and with my body, build a home.
Track Name: wow... the sky...
the sky is blue and high
the same way that i feel in my spine
sometimes on these warm summer nights
i see these flashing lights in the trees outside

there's a feeling stuck between my teeth
the aftertaste of the kid i used to be

a ghost from a thousand years ago
is wearing all my clothes
it keeps me on my toes
and i awoke feeling empty and morose
with an aching in my bones
but that's just how things go.

life goes on, try to hold on to that
i think that sometimes we, as people, forget that is a fact