by gary scaramella

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dedicated to A.B.W.
homies for life


released January 8, 2015



all rights reserved


gary scaramella Connecticut

hey mom i'm on the internet

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Track Name: backroad blues
goodbye goodbye
Track Name: carousel drive
there's a hole in the door
it's a space by the floor
my room gets cold at night

there's a box, there's a gift
it remains unopened
i'm sorry, it's my fault he didn't get it

there's a light late a night
on carousel drive
but it doesn't shine anymore

i'm fucked up, on the floor
drunk and high, give me more
what the fuck, what's the point anymore
Track Name: vacancy
tonight i think i'm going for a drive
i'm passing by your house, i am outside
through the blinds i think i see a light
but i know that you are not inside
in my dreams, it's like i'm in a cloud
we're back in school, your head is looking down
you speak no words you never make a sound
but it's nice to know that you are still around

i almost called your number
i know you wouldn’t answer
it's hard to think about you, alex
we love you and miss everything about you
we love you and it's hard living without you